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At DADJ business consulting, we create value by (a) getting the most critical decisions right for our customers & (b) ensuring the best-coordinated response in VUCA situations and environments.

Our consulting solutions help clients acquire greater relevance amongst existing and potential customers and create the elusive USP for sustained business growth and performance predictability. ‘Success, by design’ is our credo; our clients thrive and grow stronger across business cycles.

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How We Help Clients

Our client needs and wants to come in different shapes and forms; At
DADJ, we use three levels of solution approaches and engagement
models to cater to all client needs:

  • Problem definition/framing: involving discovery, problem decomposition, mapping interrelations
  • Solution-ing: Problem prioritization, Solution design, Simulation and detailed upstream/downstream multi-scenario testing
  • Implementation / Execution factory: Concurrent Synthesis & integration, Solution implementation and Change management
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Corporate Strategy

We develop strategic plans and draft the implementation roadmaps (incl. exhaustive activities, resources required to execute the plans on the ground).
Key decision points to be nailed:

  • Which products should form my focus for new markets entry, and with what scale & velocity using Digital marketing?
  • What new growth engines should I invest in and be ready, for the next wave of growth?
  • Which product and pricing differentiations will strengthen my value proposition, and provide a MOAT?
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Organizational Strategy

It provides the lever an organization needs to have in order to deliver the strategy of the enterprise. Foremost propositions include designing organizational structures, corporate governance, assessing competitiveness, human capital strategies, and supporting change management programs which can range from sales & marketing to finance, HR, supply chain, R&D, or procurement.

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Business Model Transformation

Focuses on the design & development of future-proof strategies, spanning the fundamental changes in how business is conducted, often triggered by major changes in the external environment. It has a wider scope, i.e., ranging from organizational and operational elements; such as value propositions, customer segments, cost structures, to organizational structures.

Business Strategy

Delivering value-creating growth requires not only a sharp understanding of how the basis of competition is shifting but also the creativity to envision your organization’s unique path to win—and the resourcing & discipline to realize your vision

Strategic Planning Excellence

Staying ahead of—or leapfrogging the maturity curve – demands a superior and always-on strategy function to envision the future, and your organization’s place in it, over and over again.

What we offer?

Business Consulting

Finding the right team?


DADJ has been our partner for almost two years, specializing n onboarding expert resources on architecture, engineering, quality assurance, DevOps, and project management across different tech stacks. Most importantly, Deepak and his very able team of professionals take a long view and share the entrepreneuial drive to help us deliver on commitments and enable growth.

President and CEO
HeathCare Industry, Philippines

DADJ team provides excellent support for to-do tasks and the growth of the product. They are also very supportive in terms of consulting us as well so that we can grow our product more efficiently. Best communication ever! They always know what to do next and they have a lot of good talent too 🙂

Founder & CEO
Fintech Company, USA