Accounting & Tax Services

DADJ offers world-class accounting and tax support services that get your business smoothly through the complications and risks of the constantly mutating technology transformation. From managing your current taxation affairs to planning your future liabilities – our experts, with global exposure and a super proactive approach, guide and support you throughout your business operations abiding by the accounting and tax compliance policies and standards both locally or internationally.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • AR & AP Management
  • Taxation
  • Audit & Due Diligence
  • Business Analysis
  • CFO Services
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What we offer?

Accounting & Bookkeeping

DADJ Accounting and bookkeeping advisory/practice Services goes beyond the typical, rubber-stamped assurance services, offering the deep knowledge and expertise required to support clients in assuring shareholders, investors, and regulators on various aspects of business performance.

  • Business Combinations
  • Going Public Readiness
  • Lease Accounting
  • Revenue Recognition
AR & AP Management

The accounts payable and receivable service is a huge asset to all of our subscribed clients. Our team of experienced and certified accountants has a knack for keeping their eye on the ball and not letting anything slips through the cracks which guarantees all bills are paid on time. In addition to paying bills, our clients never have to chase down payments since we also stay on top of the accounts receivable. Attention to detail is just one of the many positive traits that our clients use to describe our accounts payable and receivable service.

  •  Reporting & Recording
  • Invoice Management
  • Debt Collections
CFO Services

Today’s fast-paced business environment is influencing CFOs to break down their workload with highly skilled consultants to overcome their challenges pertaining to Finance and Accounting (F&A): lack of in-house talents, risks of non-compliance, information shortage, and more.

DADJ’s CFO services are formulated to optimize the operating model of your F&A functions and empower the future of your business through innovative F&A solutions.

  • Virtual CFO
  • Special Purpose CFO
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Accounting Software Consulting

You may know where your destination is but may not be sure of how to reach it. This is where you get off-track from creating a roadmap that’s just in line with your determined destination. Our consulting team will not only assist you to find the right software that fulfills the existing and upcoming accounting needs of your business but also continue to support you all through the transformative process from selecting to implementing the software.

  • Accounting Software Setup
  • Integrated System Implementation
  • Business Advancement Tools

Finding the right team?


DADJ has been our partner for almost two years, specializing n onboarding expert resources on architecture, engineering, quality assurance, DevOps, and project management across different tech stacks. Most importantly, Deepak and his very able team of professionals take a long view and share the entrepreneuial drive to help us deliver on commitments and enable growth.

President and CEO
HeathCare Industry, Philippines

DADJ team provides excellent support for to-do tasks and the growth of the product. They are also very supportive in terms of consulting us as well so that we can grow our product more efficiently. Best communication ever! They always know what to do next and they have a lot of good talent too 🙂

Founder & CEO
Fintech Company, USA