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IT & IT enabled Services (ITeS)

DADJ is a leading global consultancy that integrates strategy, design and software engineering to enable enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses.

  • Xperience Design (XD) & Product Strategy
  • Intelligent Data as a Services
  • Cloud and AI Full-stack Services
  • Transformation Engineering & Operations
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What we offer?

Xperience Design (XD) & product strategy

The quest for all-inclusive and consistent digital experiences has fueled interest in developing products and services that meet growing customer demands, which can be greatly accomplished by integrating the customer experience into products and designs. Creating unique and dynamic digital customer experiences is the most effective way for organizations to increase brand value and revenue growth.

We deliver holistic and unique customer experiences by bringing together – platform proficiency, product ideas, and digital execution.

  • Idea to market
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Product management transformation
  • Product design and delivery
Intelligent Data as a Services

While organizations are desperate to get the most out of their data holdings and investments, they run into multiple constraints and stall points. Complex infrastructures, suboptimal strategies, and obsolete processes remain a huge challenge.

For example, an organization’s digital transformation strategy, with no element of data in it, incapacitates the product teams and deprives the executives of the data needed for smarter decision-making.

We bring in advanced, tried and trusted processes and frameworks, for organizations to realize the true promise of data and AI. We align the business with proven data strategies to eliminate infrastructure complexity, incorporate cutting-edge processes, and thereby, ensure effective data management.

  • Data governance
  • Data strategy
  • Data platforms
  • Data mesh
  • Intelligent products
  • Advanced analytics
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Cloud and AI Full-stack Services

Continuously changing business and performance needs, and a dynamic technology landscape push businesses to attain a high level of agility amidst outmoded technologies and processes that restrict growth. By positioning modernization and digitalization at the core of businesses, they gain more flexibility, scalability, and speed to market.

In addition to providing enhanced customer experiences and retention rates, we help you analyze, strategize and prioritize your goals through accelerated innovation and boosted business benefits at a rapid rate.

  • Modernization strategy
  • Digital platforms
  • Assessment and remediation
  • Cloud modernization
  • Digital operations
Transformation Engineering & operations

The digital era has made it important for businesses to drive significant transformation across multiple facets of their operations. We support organizations’ transformations and add impetus by by following evolutionary approaches, creating ideal execution plans, streamlining processes, and aligning with customer outcomes.

Our primary focus remains on the organization’s structural evolution that substantially leads to getting over constant market disruptions, acquiring new opportunities, making the best out of progressive technology.

  • Delivery transformation
  • Technology strategy
  • Digital fluency
  • Organization transformation
  • Value-driven portfolio management
  • Executive advisory services

Finding the right team?


DADJ has been our partner for almost two years, specializing n onboarding expert resources on architecture, engineering, quality assurance, DevOps, and project management across different tech stacks. Most importantly, Deepak and his very able team of professionals take a long view and share the entrepreneuial drive to help us deliver on commitments and enable growth.

President and CEO
HeathCare Industry, Philippines

DADJ team provides excellent support for to-do tasks and the growth of the product. They are also very supportive in terms of consulting us as well so that we can grow our product more efficiently. Best communication ever! They always know what to do next and they have a lot of good talent too 🙂

Founder & CEO
Fintech Company, USA