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Staff Augmentation

DADJ brings you highly skilled remote talent solutions to expand and supplement the output of your present in-house team. Draw on DADJ’s strong employee base to maximize your business’s work potential.

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Staff Augmentation

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Filling Your Staffing Gaps

Staff Augmentation Services

All companies run across occasional gaps or shortages in their teams. You might require someone specific for a particular role or specialization — and it often makes sense to source from another region.

DADJ hires qualified individuals with a range of experience who integrate seamlessly into your existing team and are ready to bring their focus, diligence, and skill sets to all your current projects.

DADJ’s staff augmentation service provides one or more remote workers who function as the missing puzzle piece in the makeup of your team. We closely assess the requirements of the position and find a candidate who matches these needs.

To ensure you achieve the outcomes you’re seeking, DADJ closely monitors their work. We assess their overall progress with frequent check-ins to keep projects on course and maintain optimal working relationships at all times.

Looking for a niche talent solution to fill in or cover a job for a limited period of time? DADJ has you covered! Whatever the needs of your specific projects, you’re no longer constrained by the availability within your local talent pool. Now you can tap into larger resources abroad.

Hire DADJ talent to fill a specific niche for a limited period, or allow them to gain experience and transfer to a new role at an appropriate time. Whatever scenario fulfills the needs of your team and business, DADJ is standing by with top-caliber workers who are ready to support and assist.

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“The services through DADJ are top-notch. I like having the ability to call on DADJ when I need to fill a position quickly, and the remote staff are always very well-trained and exhibit a great work ethic. Would highly recommend DADJ!”


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