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Entrust business responsibilities to skilled individuals working remotely. DADJ allows you to outsource entire projects and workloads to dedicated international teams that increase your productivity and profitability.

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Outsourcing Services

Expanding your workforce overseas. 

Much of your digital sales and marketing work includes regular updates, monitoring, and communication you can offload to a team of trained professionals. From call centers to social media management to online support teams, DADJ can help you launch an offshore operation that frees up many of your resources.

We bring on experienced marketers who specialize in helping you optimize in the digital space and can communicate directly and effectively with your customers

Get in touch to learn more about how DADJ can assist with your company’s sales and marketing needs.

DADJ’s teams handle any tech-related pursuits you want to undergo. Even if you only have a vague notion of what you’d like to accomplish, we can help you realize applications or platforms that will help you automate, digitize, and streamline your day-to-day operation.

Maybe you need a new software developed and programmed from the ground-up, or would like to engineer an application to assist with a particular process. Consider outsourcing the entire endeavor to a team of pros who know how to get the job done in a timely manner and at the right price.

Accounting work can be a major time-drain that impedes regular workday tasks in the office. DADJ can partner with your business to produce accurate reporting and cloud-based documentation that allows you to keep up with your numbers in realtime and pull any report at a moment’s notice.

We take on a range of financial and accounting responsibilities, including payroll, invoicing, tax preparation, balance statements, forecasting and many other assignments. Talk to us today to learn more about how our overseas team can assume the bulk of your company’s accounting work.

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Benifits of outsourcing

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  • Reduce time spent in hiring, training, and supporting processes while onboarding in-house resources.
  • Minimize your go-to-market time through well-organized processes and with the rightly skilled workforce.
  • Avoid passing on indirect costs to your clients spent on in-house resources to research, develop, and implement.
  • Eliminate operating expenses to an incredible extent – from office rent to payroll to travel/ relocation to much more.
  • Pick technically well-versed professionals from an extensive global talent pool to deliver that specific fragment of your project or business.
  • Streamline your in-house team’s attention to their core activities, allowing them to perform at ease and spend quality time on every deliverable.
  • Overcome challenges of skills shortage with apt workforce supplements and flexible business or project-based models.
  • Give your in-house team ample time to plan future projects, analyze gaps, stay productive, and execute effectively.
  • Free up business owners’ schedules allowing to utilize time and energy to focus on business-critical tasks, develop fresh ideas, and generate high income.
  • Acquire brand recognition and attract more clients by delivering high-quality service within a quick turnaround time.

“The services through DADJ are top-notch. I like having the ability to call on DADJ when I need to fill a position quickly, and the remote staff are always very well-trained and exhibit a great work ethic. Would highly recommend DADJ!”


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