IB & Corporate Finance

With our rich expertise, we have been providing a complete range of support services to the top investment banking companies worldwide for over half a decade.

We turn opportunities into high profit-yielding businesses with our dynamic team of experts who hold extensive domain-specific research and analytics knack. We practice precision in establishing processes, predicting upcoming market trends, and delivering game-changing investment strategies. Our long-term client relationship and strategic goal setting define our brand’s commitment.

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What we offer?

Equity Capital Markets

Our experts analyze the optimal financing structure, compile reports, and assist to raise equity capital from investors allowing you to sustain the fluctuating market climate.

Debt Capital Markets

We offer bespoke support to investment banks and advisory firms by arranging capital for growth and acquisition, handling loan fundings and trading, and providing legal and transactional advice.

Investment Banking Trends

Our experts assist businesses irrespective of size and proprietary nature to transform each opportunity into returns with an elevated view of existing and upcoming market trends.

Financial Modeling

Our highly skilled financial modeling experts craft cutting-edge modeling solutions that are extremely collaborative and disciplined. We offer support services including IPO modeling, merger modeling, WACC calculations, LBO and DCF modeling, or asset valuation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We integrate outstanding investment banking processes with well-defined investor data, outstanding acquisition strategies, and modern technologies for more reliable deal execution across businesses.

Sales Support

We streamline your in-house sales processes with expertise to liaise with clients, handle trade settlement and reconciliation processes, maintain customer databases and accounts, conduct agency trading, and generate P&L reports for stakeholders.

Finding the right team?


DADJ has been our partner for almost two years, specializing n onboarding expert resources on architecture, engineering, quality assurance, DevOps, and project management across different tech stacks. Most importantly, Deepak and his very able team of professionals take a long view and share the entrepreneuial drive to help us deliver on commitments and enable growth.

President and CEO
HeathCare Industry, Philippines

DADJ team provides excellent support for to-do tasks and the growth of the product. They are also very supportive in terms of consulting us as well so that we can grow our product more efficiently. Best communication ever! They always know what to do next and they have a lot of good talent too 🙂

Founder & CEO
Fintech Company, USA